Wednesday, August 15, 2012

PDroid (1.32) patch for Android Jelly Bean (AOSP 4.1.1)

Hi Guys, I ported the PDroid ICS patch to apply against AOSP Jelly Bean source. Here is the GitHub repository hosting the patch. I built Jelly Bean with the patch for Motorola Xoom (wingray) and Nexus S (crespo). Everything seems to work! You'll find the build instructions for Ubuntu on GitHub. Cheers!


PDroid with Android Jelly Bean on Motorola Xoom Tablet (wingray)


Anonymous said...

Did you post this over at xda?

Unknown said...

Hi @Anonymous, sorry, I haven't yet.

Anonymous said...

Hi, how can I port this to the HTC Desire HD?


Unknown said...

Hi @Hyper,
Basically, you have to apply this patch to Android AOSP source tree and then build your ROM images. You'll find my simplified AOSP build-instructions here [1].

For HTC Ace (internationally known as HTC Desire HD), CyanogenMod has build-instructions here [2] for Gingerbread. On top of [1], the only additional task you have to do is to extract proprietary files. Just follow [2] for the extraction from an unmodified ROM. You’ll find another build-instruction here [3].

But please note – I haven’t tried any of these myself. So there is no guarantee that it will work for you. Good luck and keep us posted if you have figured out how to do it.


Anonymous said...

PDroid for Jelly Bean, great work! Is there also an APK available?

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