Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Compiz Config Settings Manager (CCSM) crashes with SIGSEGV on (L)ubuntu Oneiric (11.10)

On my latest Lubuntu 11.10 installation, CCSM stumbles into a segmentation violation (SIGSEGV) if "Desktop Cube" is enabled in Compiz plugins and I try to disable it through CCSM. Since, I managed to convince myself that "Expo" is capable of providing what I really need, I needed a way to disable it without using CCSM. So, for my own future reference and someone who's going through the same kind of nagging crash, the Compiz config file is located here:
My list of enabled plugins are below:
s0_active_plugins = core;detection;gtkloader;composite;opengl;copytex;decor;mousepoll;commands;imgjpeg;regex;addhelper;annotate;resize;grid;compiztoolbox;place;imgsvg;imgpng;notification;dbus;gnomecompat;resizeinfo;opacify;wobbly;move;text;loginout;scale;animation;kdecompat;thumbnail;workarounds;scaleaddon;scalefilter;animationaddon;expo;ezoom;switcher;
All one has to do is remove "cube" (or whichever is causing trouble) from "s0_active_plugins".


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